The following resources are available for purchase:

Sun, Wind, and Light book

3rd edition recently released by Wiley




Natural Ventilation in Northwest Buildings book

Human Comfort Survey




Energy Scheming

With Energy Scheming software you can think about building form and energy use together from the beginning stage of design, while getting expert advice throughout the process.
Price: $54.95

Energy Scheming is a building design tool that lets you think about building form and energy use together, right from the beginning. Takeoffs and specs are entirely graphic. No numbers! Scan in a drawing (cocktail napkins are fine), copy from another application, or draw in the program, then take off building elements with the tape measure cursor and associate them with specs. You can simultaneously compose an elevation and size the windows for energy considerations using immediate rule-of-thumb feedback on window size for solar heating, ventilation, and daylighting. The energy flow results are shown in a bar graph. You can look at total hourly loads or get a detailed report on individual elements, such as windows or walls. The Advisor tells you how to redesign your building to improve performance, and thermographic images illustrate your building’s energy flows in vivid color.

Technical specifications, including system requirements [link to pdf]

Download a free one month trial version now. Only for Macintosh computers running OSX 10.6.x or earlier.





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