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Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
Director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory

Co-Director, Biology and the Built Environment 
PhD, University of Washington, 2012
M. Arch, University of Washington, 2002
B.S. Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2000
Lighting Certificate, University of Washington, 2002
Certificate in Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2000

Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg is an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon, is the Director of the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory in Eugene and Portland, OR, and Co-Director of the Biology and the Built Environment Center. He has a PhD in the Built Environment from the University of Washington. He teaches classes in daylighting, integrated design principles, energy performance in buildings, and design. Van Den Wymelenberg has consulted on several hundred new construction and major renovation projects with architects and engineers regarding daylight, energy in buildings, and indoor environmental quality since 2000. Five of these projects have been recognized with AIA’s Committee on the Environment Top 10 Awards and many others are LEED certified. He has presented at many conferences including the National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine, the Illuminating Engineering Society, LightFair International, and Passive Low Energy Architecture. He has authored several papers and two books related to daylighting, visual comfort, and low energy design strategies.  Kevin is the Chair of the IESNA’s Daylight Metrics Committee and co-author on IES document LM-83 that serves as partial basis for the LEED V4 Daylighting Credit.

Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg served as Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture in Boise, from 2004-2015. He was the founding Director of the Integrated Design Lab in Boise (UI-IDL) and served there as professor from 2004-2015, completing over $7M in funded research and outreach in daylighting and energy efficiency for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, United States Environment Protection Agency, Idaho Power Company, the New Buildings Institute and others.  He maintains an affiliate appointment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho.