New Book in Honor of Professor Charlie Brown

This Festschrift is in honor of Professor G.Z. “Charlie” Brown. The German term Festschrift translates as “festival of writing” and refers to a book dedicated to a highly respected academic and presented during his or her lifetime. A similar Latin term translates as “book of friends.” This book celebrates Charlie’s career and the ideas that he and those he inspired have produced. The chapters are submitted by friends. Throughout his career, Charlie has modeled intense dedication to and relentless pursuit of his ideals. He has worked tirelessly to transform design—to innovate design technology, practice, and building operation—to combat climate change. The human-associated cause of climate change is corroborated by science, and the contribution attributed to buildings, and by extension to architects and engineers, is well documented. Charlie was among the first authors to describe the challenges that climate change places on architectural resiliency, and the evidence of its associated negative human health impacts continues to grow. So, what hope do we have to reverse this trend? We have the hope afforded by Charlie’s ideas and work.

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Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Kent Duffy
Mike Hatten
Ron Kellett
Gwynne Mhuireach


Dan Aughenbaugh
Marc Brune
Chris Chatto
Nancy Cheng
Ed Clark
Jeff Cole
Nick Collins
Mark Fretz
Jessica Green
Walter Grondzik
Esther Hagenlocher
Bruce Haglund
John Jennings
Joan Krevlin
Harry Kendall
Alison Kwok
Mary Ann Lazarus
Joel Loveland
Christopher Meek
Brook Muller
Kevin Nute
Lisa Petterson
Michael Pyatok
John Reynolds
John Rowell
Jonathan Smith
Jon Schleuning
Fred Tepfer
Greg Thomson
Susan Ubbelohde
Jim Wasley
Jon Wiener
Jack Yousey
Jeff Yrazabal