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It is more difficult to transform the market for services than the market for products. However, in the long run, changes in building designers’ capabilities and knowledge are more important for saving energy than individual design assistance projects. We educate professionals and students through courses, workshops, lectures, conferences, books and software. Moreover, we recognize the value of project-based education. This pedagogical strategy assigns two purposes to design assistance activities: first, to improve the performance of individual buildings and, second, to serve as a powerful vehicle for learning.

Project-Based Education

Project-based education encompasses not only design charrettes and meetings, but also the time design professionals spend reading our technical reports and integrating our recommendations into their buildings. The commitment by firms thus goes well beyond the time spent with the lab staff and results in a substantial educational opportunity for people at all levels of these companies.

Our consulting on over 300 projects, along with the production of nearly 500 reports, has afforded valuable educational opportunities for professionals and has served as a catalyst for increased energy savings. ESBL consulting has resulted in more than 8,000 contact hours of project-based education since 2002.